The history of the Naaix brand goes back to the 80's in Barcelona, when its founder Ramon Aixemeno, father of a large family and engineer by profession who managed from a very young age a pioneering company in fibreglass and polyester (composites) recognised among the best in Europe, started manufacturing Optimists motivated by two of his passions: his family and the sport of sailing, which he saw as a good companion in the education of his 7 children.


In 1995 there is a design change in the Optimist and NAAIX is the first shipyard to homologate the IOD95 at European level. It debuted as the official charter boat for the World Championship that same year. From then on, it is positioned as the Optimist of reference at a national level and very soon it expands to an international level.

Brands such as OPTIPARTS see great interest in expanding their brand in Spain through NAAIX and becomes the official distributor in Spain.

From there, Naaix is not only a manufacturer, but also a nautical retailer.


In 2017 the OPTIMIST NAAIX-TRIM was designed with the accumulated experience as a sailor and international coach of its ambassador Ramón Aixemeno (JR) and Ruth Aixemeno, Industrial designer.

We are very confident that our Optimists are our most valued product by all those sailing enthusiasts who have tried them. Light, reliable, robust, agile. They are made to enjoy the sea and access to regattas and competitions.

Our values and reason for being:

We manufacture high quality boats with all the enthusiasm to be the number 1 in the Optimist market.

We are always looking to improve and be innovative in the sector.

We guarantee that all our boats meet the most demanding requirements for competition.

We produce locally and we care about the environment that gives us so much.