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    Releasable base with pin and tubing. Detachable hinge assembly nerve safety pin is mounted withaluminum. The pin is held in place by the piece of heat shrink tubing. To remove the tube set and simply cut out the wholepasador.El incorporates a molded fiber core in the center whichin case of breakage of rubber, can finish the race

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    Sail Letters 12 "/ 30.5 cm. Radial and Standard Laser.

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    Cape elastic braided polyester outer high resistance to abrasionand inner rubber latex of the highest quality treatment for protection against UV rays.

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    Rubber insert only.

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     Large solid rubber wheels, 28 cm diameter, 10 cm wide. These wheels do not float and you will never have a flat tire again!EX1075 small-wheeled carts will be provided with these wheelsfrom now and can be used on all slides Optiparts elderly.

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    Stainless steel lock to secure your mast from coming out of its step when the boat is capsized. This lock has a rubber insert and should be clamped around the mast just under the deck. We suggest you use the collar in addition to the rope locking system to create double security. The lock will be provided with a line to attach it to the maststep.

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    Stainless steel spring Clip for securing large wheels only !

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