NAAIX has been selected on several occasions as Official Charter at World Championships, the most recent being the OPTIMIST 2023 OWC World Championships where NAAIX chartered its Optimist NAAIX X-TRIM.

This world championship was held in June 2023 at Club Vela Ballena Alegre, Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa, this Club has recently won the "European Award for Sustainability and Environment" (ADAC-2022) for its accommodation and venue facilities. Naaix is honoured to participate in this World Championship in this idyllic location and committed to sustainability and the environment.

After participating in the Championships, the chartered NAAIX Optimist boats are on sale at a very interesting discount. The boats have been used only in the Championships and are returned to our facilities to be overhauled, leaving them practically like new. It is a very good opportunity to acquire your Optimist of Competition and knowing that it has been used by one of the best sailors in the world!

Would you like to rent or buy a charter boat?