Repairs of Fiberglass and Gel Coat boats, from small breakages to reconstructions of damaged boats and any piece of fiberglass. Our craftsman who is a professional in fibreglass will repair the damage your boat has suffered, making it invisible and leaving it impeccable.
The main advantage of fibreglass is its durability and ease of repair, but there are many causes that can cause damage to a fibreglass hull. We offer multiple solutions to fibreglass damage thanks to our lamination technique.

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It is the best option to revalue your boat, we do a tune-up leaving it in its best version, we replace worn or damaged materials. Make a "Refit" to your boat to continue enjoying it or if you want to sell it in the second hand market so that another sailor can continue enjoying it and contribute to the sustainability and you can recover part of your investment.


Polishing of the boats: Finished with high-end polishing products, we achieve a smooth and polished finish on the Gelcoat of the hulls of the boats. In this way we manage to keep your boat looking its best. Furthermore, thanks to the polishing, small scratches caused by the use of the boat are eliminated. Our polishing and waxing system guarantees a shiny finish and a better glide that will get the best performance out of your boat when sailing.

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