Optimist homologated by IODA of high quality manufactured in BARCELONA entirely and designed with the contributions of the best engineers, sailors and coaches. Pioneers in the market since 1985 and being the first European shipyard in the homologation of the IOD95.


We are committed to excellence in quality. Your Naaix X-TRIM optimist will be built by a highly qualified craftsman with the best materials.

The best quality raw materials on the market have been used for its manufacture by MEL COMPOSITES https://melcomposites.es

We manufacture only one hull per week, which guarantees that your boat will be in the mould for a whole week. We take care to detail throughout the manufacturing process, which guarantees a boat with a long service life.

Casco Optimist NAAIX X-TRIM:

Registration & Measurement Book

Procedure sail numbers AECIO

Stoke protector OPTIMAX

High grip anti-slip strips

Adjustable cockpit OPTIPARTS

48L floats with tube OPTIPARTS

Daggerboard system

4 daggerboard box stoppers

Padded straps OPTIPARTS


Rudder fittings OPTIPARTS

Rudder fittings REGATTA

Olympic sailors started sailing with Naaix and not by chance.!!!

We are very confident that our Optimists are our most valued product by all those sailing enthusiasts who have tried them. Light, reliable, robust, agile, our Optimists are made to enjoy the sea and to compete!

You will see our Optimists in top level regattas, chosen as charter boats for World Cups!

The result is a high quality product for elite sailors.